Top Ten Essential kids Products

As the mummy of a toddler, I have very different needs when it comes to baby shopping. When I think back to the items I couldn’t have done without when my son was a newborn, those kids products aren’t even relevant now! I always knew that having children was expensive but with their needs constantly changing as they develop in these early years I wanted to share with you all my top ten essential Kids Products.

I wanted to share this in the hope of no-one else wasting as much money as I have on products that screamed to me about their ‘importance’ and told me I couldn’t parent a toddler without them. I have spent more money than I care to admit on items that provide no use or relevance but hey that’s the joys of being an impulse shopper!

So my top ten must have kids products (in no particular order of course as I value them all dearly, like old friends!

Kids products

Essential Kids Products

1. Gina Ford The contented Toddler Book

This book is like the Bible to me. I often make reference to the fact that we followed the Gina Ford routine from when Joshua was six weeks old and it’s been brilliant for us. I can’t fault it in any way and recommend it to all my friends. The toddler book follows on from the first in the series ‘The Contented Little Baby’ but this only goes up to 12 months approximately so if you have followed the routine with your child then it’s useful to buy this one for the next stages and how to adapt your routine as your child grows.

2. Lindam Easy Fit Plus Gate

Once your child becomes mobile there is no stopping them! Sadly stairs, bathrooms, patio doors etc all pose a threat and therefore you need to make sure you have stair gates in place to provide protection for curious toddlers. We have several in our house and these are perfect because my son couldn’t undo them, in fact some adults even have trouble with them so it shows how good they are at keeping unwanted guests away from parts of the house they aren’t allowed in!

Also if like me you have a split level in your house I would recommend the Lindam play pen, this means I can allow my son upstairs without worrying that he will approach our indoor balcony. Popping him in the play pen means he’s safe and I don’t worry either. Win win.

3.Nuby Flip it spill beaker

By the time your child is in their toddler stages they should really be drinking from beakers not bottles. Now I let me son still have his bed time milk in a bottle as he enjoys this and it’s part of our bedtime ritual but the rest of his juice/water/milk during the day is given in these Nuby beakers. They are the best I have found for not leaking, even when in my bag when out and about I don’t have to worry they will leak.

They are also shaped perfectly to fit the mold of little hands and I find them very reasonably priced too. Having the long straw that pops up is great for the transition from bottles to beakers as my son couldn’t adjust to other beakers with mouthpieces-Nuby are the best for us.

4.MAM UK Bibetta Bib

These bibs are excellent for toddlers. Molded and firmer than cotton bibs, they sit and retain shape around your toddlers neck. They are also uite securely fastened and can’t be easily removed, this is great because my son loves to try and take his off the second my back is turned! The Bibetta Bib prevents this from happening! They also have a turn up pouch at the bottom which catches stray food and protects clothing too. They are really absorbent so I don’t even worry about water and juice soaking through. I haven’t found a better bib these these!

5.Philips Avent Baby soother thermometer set

I wish this wasn’t on my list, but sadly children get poorly from time to time and it’s important to be prepared. I find it more difficult with Joshua when he’s poorly now he’s a toddler because bless his heart he knows something is wrong but can’t communicate with me and also tries to assert his independence which results in a battle of wills! He really fights me when I have to hold his arm down over a thermometer so this dummy thermometer is perfect, he just assumes it’s a normal dummy and I can take his temperature without any interference! Worth every penny if you ask me!

6.  Dribble On’s

Now my sons back teeth are slowly coming through I find his mouth is constantly streaming. In fact I think he dribbles more now he’s a toddler than he did as a baby! These stylish and fashionable dribble bandana bibs mean I can protect his clothing and always have something to hand to wipe his mouth. They come in so many colours and styles you can get loads to match your child’s outfits too.

7. Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Garage

At this stage of their development toddlers need educational toys to stimulate them and help with their motor skills etc. I find this toot-toot drivers garage excellent for everything that I feel is important for a toy. It teaches words and phrases as it recognises different vehicles and what they are doing and it has lots of actions, buttons and reactions which really keeps my sons attention held. He doesn’t play with any of his other toys the way he plays with this and I think the price is excellent for how much he enjoys it!

8.Gro Anywhere Blind

This is my lifeline! Using a strict timing routine for sleeping etc with Joshua it’s important to be able to have a dark room for him to sleep it no matter what time of day it is our what time of year. This blind sticks to the window with little suction cups and is large enough to fit all size windows. Joshua’s bedroom window is quite small so we have overhang on ours but it actually serves to block out even more light which is great.

I’ve not found anything that even compares to this product and it means we can stay with relatives etc without me having to worry that Joshua will be woken at different times due to light coming through thinner curtains. This product is a real must have and I wouldn’t have a baby without one of these-ours is up permanently! soother .

Not everyone agrees with giving toddlers a dummy but we are quite controlled with it. To me it’s a necessary evil. Joshua doesn’t ever cry for his dummy but he does like to have it when he goes to bed but he usually spits it out very quickly. I think it’s just a comfort thing. I also have to keep one in my bag at all times because Joshua tends to get irritable when we go shopping etc and having a dummy means I can avoid those stares you get when your child is playing up! He goes from naughty child screaming to angelic baby boy with the insertion of one of these!

10. A real cold World Flexybath

Bath time is really important for us. It gives Joshua a change of scenery and means we use totally different toys and play different games so it’s something different for him. These are perfect because they sit nicely on the side of the bath and Joshua loves scooping water up and pouring it back and could do it for ages. He likes to take things off the little shelf and put them back and I don’t worry that they will spoil by being continuously in water either. Bath time also provides a little light relief for me too because although I have to play life guard it tends to keep very nicely pre-occupied!

All of these items deserve their place on my top ten essentials kids products list and I can only recommend them with the highest ratings because I own all of them! Not a single one of these products has caused me to regret purchasing it, and has only provided me with usefulness and great value for money! So there you have it, don’t waste money buying things you don’t need for your toddler just buy the things you see on this list instead!

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