Top 5 Best Newborn baby must haves list

Rating Newborn baby must haves was a difficult task for me because you know as a young mom lot of things helped me. My children are a bit past the baby stage now – at 16 and 9 I can’t really hold up tiny outfits and imagine them in looking cute, or enjoy browsing for musical pram toys. When they were babies, I’m sure there simply weren’t as many products available. In some ways this was probably a good thing, and certainly saved me a bob or two, but there are some things I’ve seen friends with since, that I really wish had been around when my kids were little.

So, with the benefit of hindsight, here are my top five newborn baby must-haves list – the ingenious products I wish had been invented when I was a young mum.Burp cloths, baby blankets,diapers and infant clothing are all things you’ll need for first 3 months.

Newborn baby must haves

Newborn Baby must-haves list

1.The Cuddledry baby apron towel

This is one of those ideas that’s so simple you could kick yourself for not having invented it. It’s a baby towel that you wear around your neck, so you don’t have to do that awkward holding the towel in your teeth thing, or put your baby down on the floor. It’s also massive, which is just so sensible – why on earth do normal baby towels come in such tiny squares??

2.Chillipeeps teat
My youngest daughter was breastfed for about two years, which made things nice and easy, but my eldest was bottle fed from about six weeks old, which meant that every outing was a total hassle, packing bottles, worrying about milk going off, heating it up – all inevitably ending up with a sticky puddle of milk in the bottom of my bag.

The Chillipeeps multi-purpose teat is so clever – you can screw it onto any water bottle, or attach it to a carton of ready-made formula milk and tada! Food on the go, without the faff

3.The Flexibath
If I’d had a pound for every time I’d soaked myself or the carpet, carrying a baby bath to empty it into the sink, and sploshing it everywhere…

The simple fact that it has a plug makes the Flexibath a brilliant idea, but added to that, it folds flat after you’ve used it, so you can store it easily, and it doesn’t have to take up half the bathroom. If I’d have had one of these I could see myself making good use of it carrying washing about too, or maybe doing the washing up on camping holidays!

I barely remember being conscious when my daughters were born, and I certainly don’t remember what the weather was like, or what the sky looked like as the sun came up, although I’m pretty sure I was awake at dawn.

How fabulous would it be to have a picture of the sunrise from the very day each of them came into the world? The Day That started a few years ago, taking pictures of Cornish sunrises, to mark special days like births and weddings. I think they’re just stunning.

5. Faye and Lou rainbow Muslins
I was always one of those rubbish mums who never had a muslin, and was forever wiping up sick with the sleeve of my cardigan. If I’d have had rainbow coloured muslins though – I mean, how beautiful are these?? My sister has some, and she’s always getting compliments, and all girls love a compliment right?Baby washing essential are the toiletriry things you should buy for a newborn baby.

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one! Here, we have compiled a list of newborn baby must haves for you and your little one to make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood as smooth as possible. From bottles, to diapers, to clothes- everything on this list is essential for a healthy and happy baby. However, if you have any questions about any of the items of a newborn baby must haves on the list, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below! We would love to help you in any way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most needed baby items?

*Faye and Lou rainbow Muslins
*The Flexibath
*Chillipeeps teat
*The Cuddledry baby apron towel

What does a newborn need for the first 3 months?

Burp cloths, baby blankets, and infant clothing are all things you’ll need.

What toiletries are needed for a newborn baby?

Baby washing Essentials.

What is baby apron towel?

It’s a baby towel that you wear around your neck.

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