The meaning of names and their meanings

Naming a baby is not simply to give it a first name, when it comes to first names and their meanings, children often feel special if their given first name represents a good character trait. This way, children are unlikely to be teased because of the meaning. Don’t get too hung up on the name meaning that is important to you.

For example, if you are planning to call your child Kip, you should know that in Holland that word means chicken! Richard can develop into a nickname that is derogatory in the U.S. To make sure you do not pick something you will regret later on, check the meaning of names or baby name definitions before you decide on that special first name!

Watch out for rhyming, things that may sound embarrassing. This is important regardless of any meaning. They could sound melodious, harsh, smooth and flowing, funny, so be careful that you do not blindly use names but develop your babies name even though it does not go well with your surname or middle name. Remember longer one’s works better with shorter surnames, and vice versa. Combining first names that ends in a vowel with a surname that starts with a vowel generally doesn’t work well as they tend to run together.

If your son’s surname will be Smith, you might want to consider something with more meaningful than Joe. But if his surname is Boreysenko, then Joe might be a better choice than Reptevia. Watch out for shortening, Benjamin Dover is fine, but shortened it is Ben Dover and could be confused with another phrase – this you might want to avoid. Have fun with your baby first naming endeavors!

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