Seven Continents Learning On A Globe |Pre school Activity

Do you want to learn about different cultures around the world? Seven Continents Learning On A Globe is the perfect way for you to do just that! This pre school activity is a fun way for children to learn about different cultures and customs, while having a lot of fun.

Seven Continents Learning On A Globe is easy to set up and can be done in just a few minutes. All you need is a globe, some markers, and your child’s favorite stickers. Children will love learning about different cultures while having tons of fun!

Hi All,

I recently did one globe activity with my daughter Anvika which she enjoyed a lot and it was actually very engaging for me also. I am sharing it with you so that you could also try it with your kids.She had recently learned about continents and I now wanted to make her teach more about the globe, the location of the continents, ratio of water to earth etc. which would make her even more aware of what earth is all about and how all continents are linked to the planet and so on. This activity was also useful in learning about the North Pole and the South Pole as in where they are located, how they are placed on the globe etc.

Seven Continents Learning On A Globe

For this activity, I purchased a ball and covered it with newspaper using an adhesive. The idea was to prepare a globe, and make it close to real as possible. Post this, we colored everything blue after taking print outs of the countries online. These are readily available online and easy to print, color and paste for kids. Simultaneously you could let them know about the continents, oceans and more.

Ny next aim is to introduce her to countries which I already have .I will share that in my next post probably.I am not sure how many of you even follow these posts of mine but then may be one day my girl  will go through this globe and will realise all the fun which we had together.

We often miss out on such activities, which can actually be learning and fun for our kids. This was one such day when my kid has learnt more about certain subject that I feel she should dwell on and would come in handy. These kids sure know about their interests but it is our duty to let them know and develop their interests in activities that they do not know much about.

Anvika sure loved it and this time around her vacations have been learning and enjoyable. With the summer sun scorching us, it is almost impossible to let the kids stay outdoors during day time or even during evening time. So, I had kept it a point to keep it interesting for her indoors so that she herself does not waste her time groaning the day around. And it really worked!

Not only for her but also for me, these summer vacations have actually been a great learning period. It has actually been very good as during school days we hardly get time for other activities beside the school provided tasks which sometimes are not that interesting.

I also made a video where Anvika can be seen highlighting her progress in this task. I will upload it next week for you all to watch. I am sure you would also like this playful idea of educating your kids.

If anyone of you has any other idea for making kids learn, do share. The vacations are yet not over and I do not mind trying more such activities with my daughter. I actually like it and enjoy these myself.

Seven Continents is a unique and engaging pre school activity that allows children to learn about the different continents on a globe. The activity includes learning about the history, culture, and geography of each continent, as well as some fun activities that allow children to connect with their continent in a unique way. By participating in this activity, children will develop an understanding of the world around them and learn some important skills like teamwork and communication. If you are looking for an engaging and educational pre school activity that will allow your child to explore the world in a fun and exciting way, be sure to check out Seven Continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are seven continents called?

One of Earth’s seven major landform divisions is the continent. The continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, in order of largest to smallest.

Why they are called seven continents?

A continent is a sizable continuous expanse of territory that is typically thought of as a single region. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia are the seven continents (listed from largest to smallest in size). Eurasia, a term sometimes used to refer to the continents of Europe and Asia,

What are the seven continents of GK?

Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica make up the world’s seven continents.

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