Perhaps you are wondering about the options between taking cooked vegetables and those in the raw state for healthy nutrients, don’t worry anymore. This post highlights suggestions from nutritional experts on the best ways of preparing veggies for healthy benefits. Most of you put more consideration on raw diets. There is a common belief stating that taking fresh foods attracts more nutrients. Other people also suggest that cooking foodstuffs kill vitamins and minerals in adult and baby recipes. So, what do you need to know about cooked and raw veggies, and what are the appropriate ways of taking vegetables for more benefits?

What are the Perks of More Nutrients?

Naturally, raw veggies usually have more nutrients, and this is why most people claim that using them in that natural state is good for adult and baby health. Most apparently, this suggestion may be right though the reality is still not proven. The most important thing in food components is the stuff you absorb and not what you take. This is a statement echoed by Michael Greger, MD.  Veggies lose some nutrients through cooking. However, other components are preserved to benefit your body.

Raw vs. Cooked: How Beneficial are Cooked Veggies to your Health?

While cooked veggies are known for offering beta-carotene that is easily absorbed, they are also a source of other essential antioxidants including lycopene and lutein. Lycopene protects your bones and heart while lutein maintains the good health of your eyes. Also, cooked vegetables are useful for minerals. Exposing veggies to heat makes them release calcium – an essential mineral that quickly absorbs in the body. The best method of preparing veggies always gives the appetite of eating them. If a particular way of cooking makes you eat more, then that could be most ideal for your health. 

9 Foods that are Suggested for More Nutritious in Cooked State

Heating veggies makes them more nutritious at some point. Below is a rundown of nine vegetables deemed to have more nutrients when cooked.

This leafy vegetable is dark green and usually shrinks up when exposed to heat, thus making it easier for eating. Taking more spinach guarantees you more nutrients. While spinach is believed to contain oxalic acid that triggers the absorption of iron and calcium in your body, steaming cuts down the oxalic acid and makes the spinach retain more folate that helps in the production of DNA. 

Cooking asparagus activates it into a powerful antioxidant and cancer-fighting agent. Exposing asparagus to health also raises the percentage of phenolic acid that is suggested to cut down the level of cancer. 

Cooking tomatoes increases the level of lycopene in their content. Lycopene is the red/pink pigment found in foods – an antioxidant/anti inflammatory that is suggested to cut down the growth of heart attacks and cancer in the body. 

Exposing mushrooms to heat makes they retain more antioxidants. Some types of mushrooms can have a potentially carcinogenic component called agaritine; however, steaming mushrooms even just for a short time removes several mild toxins in their content. 

Generally, raw potatoes have high levels of resistant starch, which is associated with gas and bloating. Heating fresh potatoes lower the level of anti-nutrients in their content. 

Carrots, green beans, and celery
Celery and carrots are two veggies that are more nutritious when cooked. Green beans are no exception, though, they need to be pressure cooked or boiled. Cooking carrots increases their antioxidant potential immensely. 

Entirely, several legumes are not suitable for eating in a raw state. However, some may be sprouted rather than being cooked. Heating legumes kills their lectin compounds that are associated with gastrointestinal issues. 

What Are The Least Recommended Cooking Methods?
Frying brings about carcinogens and radicals that cause damages to your body cells. Fried baby food is not recommended because it may contain more trans fats – unsaturated fats, which are associated with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Steaming is a better method of preserving the levels of antioxidants in your veggies than boiling. Boiling loses some nutrients in the water. For this reason, taking more boiled vegetables may not be useful for your health. 

Raw vs. Cooked Veggies: How should You Eat Veggies for the Benefits of Your Health

There are specific foods that are beneficial to your health when taken in a natural state.  Likewise, they may be right when cooked too. 

Bell peppers
All types of peppers are excellent when eaten raw. Studies reveal that bell peppers lose about 75 percent of antioxidants when exposed to heat.

Scientists suggest that broccoli accounts for three times the level of sulforaphane – a powerful cancer-fighting compound. 

Cooked onions are very beneficial to your health. On the other hand, raw onions are custodians of antiplatelet compounds that protect your body from heart diseases. 

Raw garlic is the custodian of Sulphur compounds that feature an antI- carcinogenic effect. However, heating garlic kills these Sulphur compounds completely. 

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