Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

Choosing or Making Unique Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gifts, baskets or a Funny gift idea for the baby :
When getting baby gifts for the new arrival, have you thought how much more enjoyable for not only you but also the new parents, if you give a gift basket with a personal touch, especially gifts that you make yourself.

Can you sew, knit or even crochet? If you can, think how lovely it would be to make baby shower gifts that are something special that can be passed on within the family. Funny clothes with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road runner or something similar on them or the more serious designs.

My mother knitted me the most incredible soft, lacy shawl baby shower gift for my first born which I lovingly looked after and used it for all my three children. I handed this down to my daughter as a shower gift and she then used it for her babies. I can remember the time and the love that my mum put into making that baby shawl which was a pattern that her mother had used to make shawls for all her first born grandchildren. I remember her telling me that her grandmother had used the same pattern to make shawls for my grandmothers first born.

The first portraits of my three children were all taken with them wearing special outfits that my mother had either knitted or crocheted for them. When I look at those pictures, all these years later, I still smile when I recall my mum making their outfits for them to wear for those special events.

I have a friend that makes the most beautiful teddy bears and she makes special ones for newborn babies with their own name monogrammed on the jacket, which she makes for the bears. Now even if you cannot do this or know someone who can make the bear for you, you could still knit a little jacket with the baby’s name monogrammed on that and it would still make it very personalized. You could do the same with any little jacket or suit that you buy for the new arrival. Have their name embroidered onto the outfit and that would also make them personalized gifts and very special, also for the more talented and artistic the Walt Disney cartoon characters allow for the funny gift idea to become very precious gifts.

Something else that can be made into gifts is to buy a really nice album and have the new baby’s name engraved in a small plated nameplate and have that stuck onto the front of the album. I have even found baby albums with the nameplate already on the front of it, ready for you to engrave the new baby’s name onto.

I have discovered quite a few ideas available to make into personalized gifts, such as photo frames, albums, silver and pewter cups, cutlery and their own crockery. You may pay a little more for them but you will find that they are usually a much higher quality anyway.

Gift baskets will always be required during our lives and baskets will always be popular as baby shower gifts, so make your shower gifts more personalized and I am sure it will be well received.

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