New Parent Resolutions: I want to do more with my kids after school

So far in the New Parent Resolutions series, we’ve seen a wide range of parenting issues come under scrutiny. One of the best things about the Babyhuddle community is the way in which you, the readers, club together to offer support and advice to those who need it. It’s refreshing to see that a problem shared is indeed a problem halved!

Today’s guest post comes from Louise, known as e strongcoffee on Babyhuddle. She’s looking for some inspiration for one of the most difficult times of the day- that bit inbetween school home time and family dinner time. I don’t know about you, but this always seems to be the time that I have the most to do and the kids are at their most demanding too! I wonder if anyone can help Louise…

By the time we get home from school each day it is about 4 o’clock. On a nice day we go to the park on the way home, but in cold and rainy weather it is easy to switch on the TV whilst I prepare dinner. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to plan a small activity after collecting my eldest from school. My 5 year old likes science, 2 year old likes crafting and 1 year old just goes with the flow.

A friend of mine has come up with a lovely idea of creating a home cinema. One Friday night give the kids tickets to watch a film or TV programme at home. They could have pretend money to buy pick and mix or popcorn and then a hot dog for tea.

What do you do with your little ones once they have finished school or nursery? Have you got a small activity that they love doing that you could share? We would love to try out some of your ideas and update you on how they go.

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