Mummyslittlepeeps favourite stimulating toys for fun, learning and development

After such a long wait for him to get here i was determined to introduce my first born to all sorts of stimulating toys, both for fun and his learning and development. I tried a wide range of products all sorts of shapes, sizes and prices, and these are some of my favourite playtime finds…many of which are enjoying a second lease of life with my little man’s tiny brother!

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Musical Gym
From birth we used a baby gym.This Fisher Price one is bright and colourful and the toys can be moved around. Ours was loved so much that the toys came everywhere with us.The musical elements adds an an additional stimulation

Infantino picnic play tummy time mate
Tummy time helps to strengthen a babies muscles in preparation for rolling over and crawling, and aids the development of motor skills. I really enjoyed intoducing tummy play and watching my baby grow and develop. I love this quirky little tummy time mat.

Lamaze Garden Wrist and foot finders
We had quite a of collection of Lamaze toys and these were one of my favourites. The wrist and footfinders are great for encouraging babies to reach out and grab, the black and white fabric aids the baby’s focus. These finders also have squeeks and rattles.

That’s not my monkey
I wanted to introduce books to my children as early as possible and this lovely little range are great fun. This collection of books have lovely bold and bright illustrations and introduce a range of different textures, stimulating the sensory skills and language development. We have taken to these so much that we almost have the full range!

Playskool Gloworm
I remember having one of these when i was younger, so when i saw that they were still around. I had to get one for the little man.This little cutie has a glowing face and plays soothing lullabies, perfect for bedtimes. It still soothes him now, especially as he can activate it himself.

Bumbo chair and tray
My sister recommened this to me.We used a Bumbo from about 4 months and it really helped support the little man. Not only is this ideal for when weaning, we used it for sitting and playing with toys on the tray. When the little man started nursery he received a lot of comments about his sitting posture, i am sure this helped.

Fisher Price Jumperoo
This is genius!The little one adored just bouncing in this. The Jumperoo is a musical, bouncing activity centre. So much to do and hours of fun, i am sure this strenghten his legs he did so much bouncing. Lots of visual stimulation. It has three diffferent stages so it grows with baby. We will definately be getting this out again for the tiny man.

Rubber Duck Family
Bath time is playtime to. Our first bath toy was a rubber duck, this little family is perfect for play and doubles up as role play for the singing time favourite 5 Little ducks.

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