Best Tips for Relaxing With two under two

Perhaps you have more than one child, or even more than one baby. Or two under two? What’s the one thing you’d like most for yourself  at the end of a busy day? When you’ve spent the day rushing around, perhaps working, perhaps picking up toys, doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning toilets and wiping bottoms. Perhaps you do all of that.

With the news today that Lily Allen has given birth to her second child ,a sibling for her 14 month old, we thought we would share with you a New Parent resolution from another mother in a similar situation. So, how can our mum find time for herself when she has two children under the age of two? Here are her thoughts:

Two under two

Two Under Two

I never really make New Years resolutions and I haven’t really this year, I just know what I need to do to enjoy being a mummy of TWO! Since having Logan it really has surprised me how difficult it is just to do the small things, making breakfast, putting the kettle on, even going to the toilet! I simply can’t trust Connor not to try and lift Logan out of his chair or not to try and feed him something whilst I leave the room even for a second! (He is only trying to help, he just doesn’t understand.) This means that every moment of the day needs to be pre-determined.

I like to keep the house tidy, as I tidy as I can at least, and whilst I was still pregnant I was able to potter about during the day and get my jobs done at times when Connor was amusing himself playing or napping, however now Logan is here I can’t seem to get anything done! I tried to prepare myself for the exhaustion that I knew came with a newborn baby. Breast feeding on demand is hard work- I’d experienced it with Connor- but it has honestly surprised me how much having two under two takes it out of you! (Not that I would swap either of them for the world, they’re both absolutely perfect.)

How am I going to achieve my goal? I need to realise that having two babies- I know Connor can walk and so is technically a toddler-  is a big job, especially whilst I’m still feeding Logan myself. Everything has doubled- two feeds, two bums to change, two baths etc… all over night, and no matter how much i tried to tell myself what it would be like and to prepare myself for what was about to happen I don’t think anything could have!

I need to concentrate on getting us into a routine I can cope with before I start setting myself extra tasks that I am going to get angry with myself for not achieving when I simply just don’t have the time, or the energy for that matter!

I also think that accepting the help that is offered to me will really help. We have a really big family and plenty of people would love to take or watch one, or both of the boys for me while I get things done or even just take a break! I need to start taking advantage of offers that friends and family make me, they want to help!

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