How to Make a Baby’s First Christmas memorable ?

Baby’s First Christmas! Is this the perfect time to introduce your little one to the world of Christmas? The culture around it varies from region to region. It can be a happy and joyous occasion, or a nerve-wracking experience. To help you prepare for this special day, we have compiled a list of things you should know about preparing for baby’s first Christmas.

When you become a parent, the festive season changes dramatically. Ok, so you may still enjoy a Christmas knees up, but chances are that you won’t be out as late as you use to be, and you certainly won’t be throwing back as many seasonal cocktails as you once did. And if you do, you’ll pay for it the next day, let me tell you. Children make Christmas special, but they also make it a LONG day. In my experience, children like to get up as very early on Christmas morning, and it’s your job to make sure that the day lives up to its promises. So, no pressure then.

For parents, the most special Christmas in each child’s life is the first one. Over on Babyhuddle, many first time parents have been asking questions about what to get their baby for his first Christmas . There can be a lot of pressure to get it just right- buy the perfect gift to make the best impact on memories of this special day. But it’s so easy to lose track of what is truly important here. Think about it. Your baby doesn’t really know that it’s Christmas. Yes, they see the lights and they hear the music. They almost certainly know that something is afoot, but there’s no way they can know what it’s all about. We posted earlier in the month about the importance of letting a baby stick to his routine over Christmas , merely because at this stage in a baby’s life, Christmas is more for us than them. We want to look back on this day with fond memories, which is why Babyhuddle has put together this list of tips to help you do just that.

Baby’s First Christmas gift

Don’t go overboard on the presents. Yes, you will want to buy gifts for your baby and yes, you are absolutely right in wanting to do that. But

  • there’s no need to stuff a stocking to the rafters and cram present after present under the tree. You will end up spending a lot more than your budget will probably allow, and you won’t get a thank you either. Your baby will most likely get more enjoyment from the wrapping paper…
  • Go back to basics.  If your baby likes crinkly things, different textures and a variety of smells, tastes and tactile experiences, why not create a Christmas sensory basket? I saw this fantastic post from The Boy and Baby this week that I pinned to the Ideas for Christmas board and I think it’s a fantastic idea to make sure that your baby gets the most from his gifts this year.
  • Take lots of pictures.  This probably doesn’t need pointing out, but it’s a really important one. Snap away on Christmas day because there’s a good chance it will go so quickly and it’s family photographs and home movies that really make the memories last. You want to have a lovely record of your baby’s first Christmas and you could even make a special album for this purpose. Write captions underneath the photos and save it for next year, when your baby may be more aware and you will be able to talk to him about it all.
  • Be prepared. Your baby might wake up in a bad mood. Your baby might be unwell. Your baby might be so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of the sensory overload that is Christmas, that the day might be filled with crying and tantrums- and not just from them! Read our tips on avoiding tantrums over Christmas and remember- to your baby, this is just another day. You might just have to accept that.
  • Buy a special keepsake. This is probably my number one tip for baby’s first Christmas.

Take some time for yourselves. Another important tip. Everyone is going to want a piece of your baby’s first Christmas, so you will need to take some time for yourselves too. You’re a small family unit now so you need to enjoy that moment. I always make sure we open our presents and take a walk as a family before receiving guests or going out to visit. Talk about how you’d like Christmas morning to go and make sure you tell well meaning guests about your plans.

Baby’s first Christmas is so special and this year my youngest will be celebrating her own. I’ve bought a few things for her stocking and one main present, but other than that I will have her little “My first Christmas” socks and my camera at the ready. I can’t wait to sit with her next year and talk to her about how special it was!

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