Every pregnancy is Different…

Every pregnancy is different right? Every mum is different to the next. Every first, second, third trimester, birth, newborn, hormone surge. Early on in my pregnancy I promised myself above all that I absolutely would not compare my second pregnancy or birth, to my first. That was my resolution to myself, my husband and my unborn baby. But I’ve broken it.And it’s a good thing. My first pregnancy was stressful, very stressful, my husband was going through a tough time, was extremely anxious and stressed and instead of it being all about me, it was all about him (through no fault of his own). Selfish as I am I wanted this time to be about me, the new baby and our family. To be able to talk about our new arrival, get excited be happy and revel in our good fortune. I also had a horrifically bad back during my first pregnancy. We’re talking crying as soon as I sat in an aircraft seat on the way to New York, in the car, at work. Hormones and pain do not mix well. I wanted to enjoy the first part and not worry how bad my back was going to get.So I resolved that I would not worry and compare to last time. Except I have. I’ve broken my resolution. And do you know what, I’m glad. My husband is a million times the man he was. He’s a pillar of strength and support. I’m in week 25 of my pregnancy and I do not even have a twinge of a bad back (apart from a teeny bit of sciatica – who doesn’t!?), this time when I was pregnant with my son was the peak of my back pain and a launch in to physio. All in all I feel much better second time around, even running after a 20 month old.Now my promise myself is not to obsess what this means, why is it a breeze, and what hump is coming.Especially the birth. Last Every pregnancy is differenttime having been, I’d say, like

many, the most horrific and traumatic experience of my life which I can’t even really remember. So my number one resolution now is to go steady, look after myself, rest when I can and make sure I am in as best condition as possible to get this baby out in whatever way I have to (I still don’t know if I’ll have another section).So my new resolutions for my pregnancy are to not obsess about the birth and to let my resolutions change as I change, you never know what is going to happen in pregnancy or birth and you have to change to suit whatever is best for you and your family.I have also resolved to eat as many packets of crisps as I fancy.

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