DIY Egg Carton Flowers

Do you love flowers, but don’t want to spend a fortune on them? Well, egg carton flowers are the perfect solution for you! These beautiful flowers can be created at home with just a few simple supplies, and they’re a great way to show your support for your favorite charity or cause. Plus, they’re easy to care for – all you need is water and sunshine! Interested in learning how to make your own egg carton flowers? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

With the summer vacations on, I am sure you all are facing the crunch with your kids roaming around you with their hues and happiness. Not to deny that the chirpiness around keeps you happy but yes, it starves you of your peace time that is there when they are at school or busy with their studies. Cannot blame them, they definitely need something or the other to keep themselves tied up or enjoying.

DIY Egg Carton Flowers

No worries ladies! Let me bring to you an easy activity that would help you keep your kids busy at least for a good one hour and give you some enjoyable time to have for yourself. On the other side, if you love to spend time with your little one, you can be a part of this activity and enjoy your time.

I had always been thinking about using the waste material in some creative way and found this egg carton this morning which gave me an idea to engage my little one for some time at least. I myself did not know that this could turn out so beautiful and learning at the same time.

For this activity, you need empty egg cartons. I only had one and this activity came to my mind so I went ahead with this one box itself. You would also need water colors and painting brushes along with a pair of scissors and glue sticks.

Now take the egg cartons and cut it out along the egg space. After you cut one portion of the carton, cut petals across the portion to form a flower. You need to carve it out in the desired shapes like I cut it out using simple straight cuts to form flowers with 4 petals each. You could cut it as per your convenience. I just had one box and so, tried making reasonable flowers using it. One word of caution here, do not hand over the scissors to your kids if they are too young to handle them. It is better to give them the cut-outs rather than making them cut if they are too young.

Now similarly cut out leaves and stems etc. from the same egg carton. I also had cut out roots as I was trying to make my daughter learn the importance of root to a plant. For stems, I used the leftover part of the carton itself.
Now paste it on a paper or a chart and make your kids color them with their own creative combinations. At my home

I have made a summer wall, where I would paste all the activities we do during this summer holidays.

You can definitely keep them engaged using such waste materials and this should also be a learning experience for them. My daughter surely enjoyed herself and I enjoyed myself watching her paint the flowers. The end result is in front of you and I just love it. She is going to remember this activity more as a lesson than entertainment as she learnt about plants today. Hope the almighty bestows me with more such ideas to keep her engaged for the rest of the days of her vacations and her learning years.

How are you keeping your little ones occupied? Do share your experiences and learning. This way we can definitely have more such ideas.

These egg carton flowers are easy to make and the outcome is just too beautiful! All you need is some tinsel, a few eggs, beads, and other decorations. Now all you need are your hands to decorate this vase of art.

While these flower designs may seem complicated at first glance, they can be easily made with things that already lie around in your home. In addition to the materials listed above, you can add gold glitter or tiny Swarovski crystals for an entirely new look. Have fun experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can plants grow through egg cartons?

Fill each hole with an egg carton cup. If more dirt is required, add some to the hole around the egg carton, but make sure to leave the seedling exposed so that it can receive sunlight and water. Over time, the cardboard egg carton cup will disintegrate, leaving only the plant.

What material is used for egg cartons?

Polystyrene and pulped paper are the two materials used most frequently to make egg boxes (cartons) (Kudzal et al. 2014). Eggs are sold in boxes of various sizes and forms that can be made to hold a variety of eggs.

Why are egg cartons different colors?

Both Grade AA and Grade A denote eggs with thick whites, flawless yolks, and spotless shells; they are essentially equivalent. The whites in grade B are noticeably thinner, and the shells have imperfections.

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