Dry Skin Care & Skin Treatment Routines

If you are not already using a skin care routine then you need to know a few basic things that will help you in selecting one that is right for you.

Cleansers: The reason we use a cleanser is to thoroughly cleanse the skin’s of impurities and help to restore the skin’s natural balance. A cleanser will get deep down into the pores to gently lift and cleanse. There are different types of cleansers to consider, depending on your skin type. 

It you have dry skin it is often better to use a cream cleanser. You may use a milk type one if you prefer.

With oily skin’s you may prefer a grainy type of cleanser. Always use an oil free one or even a milk one. I don’t recommend a cream one unless it is one specifically for oilyskin. If your skin’s slightly sensitive always use a fragrance and alcohol free cleanser.

If your skin’s very sensitive you should consult with a dermatologist to get advise on the best type of skin care to use. Never ever apply make up to skin’s that are dirty, it will not only look dull but also will built up excessive oils and more dirt and grime.

Refreshers/Toners: A toner is used after cleansing to remove any traces of make up, dirt and grime from body skin’s. It not only helps your skin’s tone but it keeps skin’s looking clear and fresh. If you have dry skin then a mild toner is the best to use.

With oily skin’s an astringent is a better toner to use. This usually contains alcohol which will not only stimulate skin’s but also closes the pores.

If you have sensitive skin then a gentle unscented refresher is the one for you.

Masks: A mask is a must as it not only exfoliates the dead cells but it also hydrates the skin’s outer surface and leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. If you have normal to dry skin then you mainly only need a mask once or twice a week.

With oily skin’s then you will need an exfoliating mask which can be used daily if you have excessively oily skin with large pores as the mask will not only help to reduce the oils but also helps to close the pores again.

If your skin’s sensitive, once again, always use an unscented product and use sparingly about once a week.

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