Diapering Baby: Are Cloth Diapers Right for You?

I’m the type of mom who obsessively researches everything before introducing it to my children. I started researching homeschooling methods when my first born was three months old, I spent the last half of my first pregnancy trying to find the perfect co-sleeping contraption , and I read every book and article I could find on natural eczema treatment when my son had severe eczema as an infant to avoid using steroid treatment. In spite of my untiring desire to track down perfection, I never gave much thought to finding the right diapers when preparing for bringing home a newborn. My first child was never sensitive to chemicals in products, so I simply started out using the big brand disposables that I received as shower gifts and continued on in that way since it worked for us. When my son was born, however, all of that changed. He has been sensitive since birth requiring extra attention and careful selection of products to avoid breakouts and eczema flare-ups.

Diapers have been one of the products that I have had to choose carefully for my son who has had numerous reactions to the chemicals, dyes, and perfumes in some brands. Having tried nearly every brand on the market in the US, I have found Seventh Generation  to be the best solution for us. Not only to we avoid the breakouts and rashes, but they also offer great leak protection and conform to the body so they don’t sag.

Of course disposables are not the only option we have when choosing the best diapers for our babies. cloth brands have come a long way since the days I watched my mom struggle to fold the giant rectangles of cotton to fit on my youngest brother while he writhed on the changing pad, and I won’t even begin the discussion about those giant safety pins. Today’s cloth diaper is not only easy to use, but many are colorful and stylish and offer options for the parent seeking a solution to the disposable diaper dilemma. Cloth diapers are also a superior option for the eco-conscious parent who is concerned about the environmental impact of leaving a legacy of thousands of diapers per child in the landfill (not to mention the hope of early potty training). I’ve compiled a list of products for the parent considering cloth diapering that offer a good starting point in preparation for bringing home your beautiful new bundle:

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