Healthy and Yummy: Coconut Rava Ladoo for Your Little Ones

If you’re a parent looking for a healthy and delicious treat for your little one, look no further than coconut rava ladoo. These bite-sized sweets are not only packed with flavor but also loaded with nutrients that are important for your toddler’s growth and development. In this blog post, we’ll share an easy recipe for coconut rava ladoo that is perfect for toddlers. We’ll also discuss the benefits of incorporating coconut and rava into your child’s diet. So grab your apron and get ready to whip up a batch of these tasty treats!

I am back again with another recipe which I prepared for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. Well, the festive season was on so I had to prepare something special for my little bundle of joy so I just quickly prepared this sweet recipe for her sweet tooth! :-)

Today I will share a Coconut & Rava Ladoo recipe which I recently made. Coconut is a really good fruit for all the human beings. Some kids like it a lot while some don’t like. Well, we moms are surely aware of the tactics to make our kids eat healthy without knowing much about it. Similarly I used a mix of healthy ingredients to make a homemade ladoo for my daughter over the store brought sweets.

The other ingredient of this recipe is the Rava or semolina which again is great food option for toddler breakfast & lunch. It is healthy & good for the kids and that  many interesting recipes can be easily prepared with rava/semolina.

Coconut Rava Ladoo For Toddlers

Coconut Rava Ladoo

Lets quickly look at the ingredients needed for making these ladoos-


  • 1 cup Semolina/Rava
  • 2 cups Coconut (grated)
  • 5-6 Cashew nuts (broken)
  • 5-6 Raisins
  • 1 pinch Cardamom powder
  • 1 cup ghee
  • 1 cup Milkmaid”s condensed milk

Method of Preparation-

These ladoos are easily prepared and you don’t need hours of preparation to make these ladoos.

  • First of all place a deep kadai on slow flame and dry roast rava/semolina in it until an aroma starts coming out.
  • Now add the coconut powder to this mixture and mix both the ingredients very well.
  • Next step is to heat 1 tbsp ghee in a shallow pan and add cashew nuts and fry them until they turn golden brown in color.  Afterwards take them out and put aside.
  • Again in the same pan add the raisins or kishmish and fry them until they turn crispy. Remove hem as well and keep aside.
  • In the kadai sautee the rava & coconut mixture until it turns light pink in color.
  • Now take 1 cup milkmaid condensed milk and mix it in the semolina & coconut mixture. Also add the cashew nuts & raisins in this and carefully mix them well. Don’t forget to add a pinch of cardamom powder as this will make the ladoos even tasty!
  • Let the mixture cool down at room temperature and as it comes down to a bearable temperature, start making ladoo out of them by rolling and pressing in each palm.
  • Well, Coconut & Rava ladoos are ready to served. These ladoos can also be stored for at least 2-3 days when stored in an air tight container.

I hope you like this easy sweet recipe for your toddlers. It is surely a great sweet snack for your toddler and you can even give these in your kid’s lunch box. The goodness of dry fruits & coconut provide nutrition and also boost the energy level in kids and help them in staying strong.

These coconut rava ladoos are a delicious and nutritious treat for toddlers. Packed with the goodness of coconut and rava, they make for a healthy snack option that your little ones will love. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, requiring just a few ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a festive treat, these ladoos are sure to be a hit. Give them a try and let us know in the comments how your toddler liked them. We’d love to hear your feedback and any variations you tried!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Rava Laddu?

Iron and magnesium are abundant in rava, which encourages the development of red blood cells and lowers blood pressure. Kidney health benefits from potassium. Due to its minimal fat, salt, and cholesterol content, it is perfect to include in a weight loss diet.

How many calories does Rava Laddu have?

One serving of Rava (Suji) Ladoo has 315 calories. 6% protein, 29% carbohydrates, 66% fat in calories.

Where is coconut laddu famous from?

Similar to Til Ke Ladoo, which is created with sesame seeds, jaggery, and peanuts, it has its own special advantages. On the other hand, the coconut ladoo, also known as Nariyal Nakru, is from the South, notably the Chola era.

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