Cloth nappies… make a difference by using just one a day

If you hear the words ‘cloth nappies’ being uttered when you are a baby group or soft play, there’s no need to run a mile, honest.

And if the thoughts of washing, scrubbing and drying inconvenience come into your mind, banish them. Using modern cloth nappies is not that bad, we promise.

We believe cloth nappies should be viewed like bibs, they are just as simple to use and care for. And like bibs, you don’t need to use them all the time. We are all for mixing and matching nappies to suit your day/lifestyle/childcare situation – even those moments when whatever is nearest will do. There are some mums who believe that only cloth will do, but we believe the best way to get started is to just have three or so – even one makes a difference.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t think that you have to change your lifestyle for them, they fit in with you. You can even put them in your normal wash. Even if you use them full time, it’s usually only an extra wash a week and I don’t know a mum that would notice that – when is a mum’s washing machine ever off?
  • Don’t be put off if they leak at first, this is normal while you get the fit right on your baby. Babies come in all shapes and sizes so it takes some trial and error to get the fit spot on.
  • Do mix and match between disposables and cloth until you get used to them. A good way to start is use cloth at home until you get your confidence up (that won’t take long).
  • Do holler if you get stuck. There are so many cloth nappy forums, and mums who use cloth nappies are more than willing to share their experience and offer advice. You can also ask a question right here on Babyhuddle?
  • Don’t be overcome by the amount of information about nappies if you start looking into them. It can be daunting. Think of them of a disposable that you put in the washing machine rather than the bin, it really is as simple as that.
  • Do a little online research to see if your local council have any trial schemes or offer any incentives such as cashback. Baba and Boo offer a trial scheme, where you can try one and if you don’t get on with it, we will refund you 70% of the purchase price within two months. We like you to give it a really good try as we are so confident you will like them.

Once you’ve decided to give cloth nappies a try you’ll have another major decision to make – which of the cool and funky Baba + Boo designs to try first! Take a look at all our different varieties here . Do drop me a message if you’re struggling to decide on my profile.

And if you’re still a bit baffled, here’s some common cloth nappy terms explained in our handy cloth nappy jargon buster:

  • Strip washing – a technique used to increase the absorbancy of nappies or inserts
  • Liner – put inside the nappy next to baby’s skin to make it easier to flush solids away. Can be paper or fabric, one use or washable. Not necessary but some mums find them more convenient
  • Minky – a type of fabric which feels a bit like a plush soft toy. Generally used on the outside of nappies
  • PUL – The waterproof fabric that are used in cloth nappies to keep the wetness inside.
  • Birth-to-potty, one size – nappies which adjust to fit baby roughly from birth until they are ready for potty training
  • Wet bag, stink bag – a waterproof bag which you use to keep wet or dirty nappies in while out and about
  • Nappy bin – the best way to store your wet or dirty nappies until wash day. Seals with a lid to keep any whiffs at bay
  • Mesh bag – effectively a bag inside the nappy bin. You put it in first (much like a bin bag) and add your nappies. When you’re ready to wash them, just use the handy strings to pull out the mesh bag containing all of the nappies and throw the lot in the washing machine. Saves getting up close and personal with the nappies again
  • Washable wipes – pretty designs with flannel material on the back, kept damp in a special tub and used instead of disposable wipes. Pop in the nappy and wash together
  • Two-part system/nappy – a nappy made up of two bits: a fluffy absorbant nappy which is then covered by a waterproof outer wrap
  • Wrap – the waterproof outer bit of a two-part system
  • Insert – what you stuff nappies with to give them absorbancy. Come in a variety of fabrics, from cotton to bamboo
  • Pocket nappy – a nappy with an elasticated pocket into which you stuff the inserts. The pocket bit will have the pretty design on the outside and a soft, probably fleecy side which goes next to baby’s skin

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