Choosing baby name choose name for the New Baby

One of the most important things to do is choosing a name a new baby name for your precious new baby. This is something that usually takes up most of the pregnancy. Most new parents agree on a baby name early on in the pregnancy, but can change their minds on the names over the coming months.

I found when I was pregnant that everyone from my brothers and sister, right up to my grandmother had new baby names already chosen for me. I had several new baby names of my own that I was going to stick to no matter what but surprisingly, it was the name that my grandmother picked that seemed the best for my new baby boy once I laid eyes on him. He just looked like a Bradley and no one else and yet I had scoffed at that baby name suggestion when it was first mentioned as what would my grandmother know about names that would be suitable for MY new baby?

If you already have other children, make sure you include them in this. Let them know that as it is an important family decision and this new baby affects everyone, then everyone needs to be involved in it. Make it fun with lots of interaction and you may discover that together, you come up with the perfect name.

Make sure that it is a happy and fun time but at the same time, letting them be aware that this baby is going to have this name for life, so it has to be something ‘They’ would be happy to be called. You wouldn’t want a name SO unusual or strange sounding that they will be teased throughout their life. Also you don’t want to have one the same as every other child. Often parents make the mistake of have some new faddy names that will be so OUT by the time they are going to school. They will not thank you if you give them names that they are either embarrassed about or hate.

Often names that are easy to spell or pronounce are the safest way to go. I decided to spell my second son’s name Brenden and he has always had everyone spelling it Brendon, or Brendan. This is a fairly simple name so you can imagine if it was a difficult spelling.

You will find that your children will most likely come up with names that they associate with famous people, which to them is probably film stars, pop stars, book characters or people who they look up to and admire. When you think about it, isn’t that the reason that we also choose names? My mother chose my name because she liked Wendy from Peter Pan and Wendy. She probably should have chosen ‘Tinkerbell’ as that would have suited my personality more. Happy to say, I have actually always liked my given names so I have been one of the lucky ones.

Something else you need to consider when naming your baby is the kind of funny nicknames it will attract. I have always been called Wendy Woo by my family and close friends and it hasn’t ever bothered me but then I guess my name is one that you cannot make a lot out of. Never use names that will end up causing embarrassment due to the nicknames that can be derived from it. Always think of all the different combinations that can be made of the names and if you come up with some funny or awful nicknames, avoid these new names completely.

Once you have agreed to a first name, it is time to consider a second one for your baby. Put the names together and see how they sound. It can be a worry carrying on years of family tradition if the names are going to sound awful together. If you have promised to go with a family tradition, then use the second name of the said family member if the first name will not go with your baby’s first name. Don’t forget, that family member will most likely be dead and gone by the time your baby is an adult and having to live with names they hate. Picture how the names are going to look in the school end of year magazine or later on in life on legal documents or framed certificates etc. Will it look and sound classy and distinguished? Isn’t that what we all imagine and want for our children?

Lastly, have fun with naming games. Encourage the children with it and most importantly of all, listen to what they say and never laugh at or scoff their name suggestions. You want them to love having this baby around. Don’t forget, it’s going to be for a very long time.

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