Chicco Star Melody: A Review of the Perfect Baby Toy

As a parent, you want to provide your baby with toys that are not only entertaining but also beneficial for their development. The Chicco Star Melody is a baby toy that promises to do just that. This interactive toy features lights, sounds, and music that are designed to engage and stimulate your little one. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the Chicco Star Melody and how it can benefit your baby’s growth and development. So if you’re in search of a fun and educational toy for your little one, keep reading to find out if the Chicco Star Melody is right for you.

Admit it, that it’s one of your first and favorite rhymes and that you sing this starry song to your baby, at least once in a while. Well such is the charm of stars which fascinates everyone irrespective of age. And maybe even Chicco knows it so well, that they made a star product out of it. So here is my review on one of my baby’s and “my” favorite toy Chicco Star Melody.

Chicco Star Melody – Baby Toy Review

About Chicco Star Melody:

Chicco Star Melody The Musical Star Chicco Melody is a delightful musical star. Its eyes smile and move from side to side. It can be hung to cot sides by an adult and the child only have to pull the cord.Pulling down the handle activates these musical cot toys. They are fastened to cot with the practicalities provided. The Musical Star Melody is a delightful musical star. Its eyes smile and move from side to side. It can be hung to cot sides by an adult and you only have to pull the cord.”

Price: 499 /- INR

Recommended age: 0-24months

Gender: unisex

Availability: Usually across toy stores. Chicco brand is sold ON several online kids stores.

Batteries required: Yes

My take on Chicco Star Melody – Baby Toy:

Chicco Star Melody is one of the best toys for newborns. The sturdy star has a cheery face and moving eyes, which attract the focus of a baby for longer durations. And the music, although is a short verse, is really very soothing, even for the grown-up ears. I have listened to this melodious tune forever and yet, never got bored and so is my baby who is 15months now.

It’s very travel friendly and I have carried this toy almost everywhere like baby hospital, shopping, restaurants, car journeys etc. since the time it became my baby’s instant favorite. There were times we played this music alone to soothe her night cries. It has got a really classy and melodious tune.

It comes with a soft thread to tie, which makes it easier to hang to the bedside, swing or just carry it around. And now it is available in many different colors too. We got a very pretty, flamboyant yellow one which we all completely adore.

The only con with this star melody is pulling the handle quite often for replaying the music. However, I never minded the iterative pull for listening its melodious music again and again.. :-)

What I like about Chicco Star Melody – Baby Toy:

  • Very cute STAR
  • Attractive design, looks cheery with animated moving eyes.
  • Very Sturdy, in spite of constant throws
  • Very soothing and classy/melodious music
  • Has a thread to be tied, so could be practically hung to bedside, swing and could just carried around
  • Very travel friendly
  • Very long lasting battery in spite of constant usage
  • Good volume level
  • It’s a Chicco product :-D

What I don’t like about Chicco Star Melody – Baby Toy:

  • Had to pull the handle often, to prolong the musical melody. So it’s an iterative manual pulling, if your baby wants to listen the music for longer durations.
  • No volume level adjustment. (Not really a con for us, we never found the need to adjust its volume)

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend : Absolute YES. For its attractive STAR design, sturdiness, captivating music, beautiful cheery face and amazing durability, CHICCO has proved its products are worth every buck and this product is really worth the buy or could even just make as loveliest gift for your pal’s kid.

We actually received it for my baby’s naming ceremony from a friend and believe me it’s been one of the amazing and loveliest gift in the lot, due to its delightful music and ease of tying/carrying around. I can’t thank my friends enough for gifting me and my kid this CHICCO Star Melody. :-) Cheers to friends and Chicco who makes life better. :-)

The Chicco Star Melody is a delightful baby toy that offers both entertainment and educational benefits. With its vibrant colors, soothing melodies, and interactive features, it captivates babies and stimulates their senses. The Star Melody encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development through its easy-to-grasp design. Its soft lights and gentle melodies create a calming environment, making it perfect for naptime or bedtime routines. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the Chicco Star Melody, please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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