Can You Ever Really Be Mentally Prepared For The Arrival Of A Newborn?

I have been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions all day. Baby is not due for another 10 days and despite the fact that I have been experiencing a tightening of my belly, excruciating backache and a painful pelvis all day long, I am in denial. This is not labour. I’m not ready yet!

The nursery is ready – I have all of my  nursery furniture, baby bedding and  nursery essentials sorted. No worries there then about whether or not we are prepared for baby’s arrival. My hospital bags are all packed and ready to go (thanks to top tips from babyhuddle members). I have a vast array of newborn baby clothes all neatly folded and waiting for tiny arms and feet to fit inside them. And finally, yesterday we readied the  baby’s infant carrierto be put into the car. So what’s wrong? Why don’t I feel ready for baby’s arrival yet?

I know exactly why it is and I only have myself to blame. It is because I haven’t had any me time yet. I still haven’t finished work for maternity leave and so I haven’t yet had time to wind down and mentally prepare myself for the arrival of a newborn baby. But, can you ever really be mentally prepared for the arrival of a newborn? Even as a second (or more) time mum?

With the few days of holiday that I have taken over the past couple of weeks, I have started taking small steps for baby’s arrival. You know, those important things that really matter (!?!) like a new haircut and beautifully pedicured toenails. I feel like I deserve a little bit of pampering while I still have opportunities for me-time (admittedly these opportunities are few and far-between when you have an over-excited preschooler weaving through your legs). I feel like I have lavished all sorts of pampering care on my bump over the past 9 months – as someone who loves to explore different skincare products, I’ve given a lot of thought to Bump love and have shared some of my favourite products on Babyhuddle this month for treating and caring for heavy, stretched bumps.

And so now, in these final days of pregnancy I am looking forward to some long, relaxing bathtimes where I can escape with my own thoughts and prepare myself for the arrival of a new family member. I need to chill out, remain Mellow and practice my relaxation skills for labour.

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