Baby Shower Favors

Treat boxes, favor bags, and favors to help make your baby shower a success!

The celebration of the birth of a new child dates back through history to times as early as ancient Egypt, and Rome. Historically, friends and family brought gifts to the mother and new child, often hand-made, to acknowledge this blessed event. As the celebrations of the baby have evolved into what we know today as a Baby Shower, new traditions have developed. One such tradition is the giving of a baby shower favor to a guest who attends the celebration. This tradition was practiced in Europe, and immigrants brought this tradition to the United States. As the modern baby shower started to really take its current shape after World War II, the practice of giving inexpensive or unique baby shower favors to guests grew.

Hosts today have a great many options when thinking about favors for a baby shower. Some of the most popular types of favors today are fun, funny, and/or practical. Candles, small practical (and fun) gifts, and edible treats or candies are some of the most often given items. Here’s a couple ideas from the professional party designers here at PartyPail:

  • Inexpensive Treats Make Great Favors!. ‘Treat’ your guests to a personalized, and unique favor with a home-made, or store bought cupcake, cookie, or selection of candy. Home made cookies, candy, brownies, and fudge are great because you can customize them in terms of flavors and colors to match the theme of your event. PartyPail stocks a number of baking accessories, candy, and related bags/boxes to help you wrap-up a wonderful reminder of the special day.
  • Theme Based Favors Are Inexpensive, and Fun! PartyPail carries a wide variety of favors that match the theme you are using for your baby shower. Some of these can be personalized! These favors include kitchen gadgets, candles, personal bath items, and more. A great example of our theme based appoach are our  Sweet Pea In Pod Baby Shower Favors which match our Sweet Pea / Peas in a Pod shower theme.

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