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Max Ball - Infant Toilet Training Balls

From On Target
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Max Ball - Infant Toilet Training Balls
Are you stressed because of your child's toilet training? Don't worry! Children often throw tantrums as they find it difficult to sit on an adult toilet pot. Max Ball - Infant Toilet Training Balls help your child get potty trained in no time! Max balls are made using Hygienilac, an an anti-bacterial agent, that ensures around 99.9% bacteria are killed on contact with the max ball. All you need to do is place 1 max ball in the pot and let it float and invite your child to aim at him which makes the whole experience fun for your little one. This also reduces pee spills in your bathroom. You can soon wish disposable nappies goodbye, as they are not only expensive but also cause a lot of landfill waste. Each ball lasts for at least four weeks, making it an economical purchase.

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