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Nature Babies Nappi Nippas for Washable Nappies. Pack of 3

From Nature Babies
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Nature Babies Nappi Nippas for Washable Nappies. Pack of 3
Nature Babies Nappi Nippas for Washable Nappies-Pack of 3 are made exclusively for your little one and you! These plastic made nippas will neither poke your baby nor you! The nippas are durable as well as stretchable and hook easily to hold the nappy securely. Designed in various colours, they will surely reduce the entire risk of using pins. It will keep the nappy tight and intact in place. It comes with an instructions manual for proper guidance. They can be washed easily too. It is economically priced and highly recommended. It lets your baby be free of any harm and lets you to be free of any worry.

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    Often when one thinks of cloth nappies we have the fairy baby (washing up liquid) image of a baby in a lovely fluffy white terry towelling nappy fastened with a large nappy pin, a bit of an accident waiting to happen if you're as clumsy and cack handed as me. Not anymore, if you use any two parter nappy system (terries, pre-folds or shaped) you .can use this fabulous invention. The nappy Nippa is stretchy and simply grips onto the fabric to keep it fastened. It's flexible, safe and comfortable for baby

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